Ultimate Guide to Pokemon MMORPG [Monster]

Pokemon MMORPG is a game, inspired from the “Gotta catch ’em all!” Most of you know about the Pokemon game series. MMORPG monster has plenty of monsters to train, catch and fight or battle. The game seems to be written by a person who is proficient in English. It is an image based game. Pokemon MMO is my favorite game.

People, who are familiar with Pokemon MMORPG, will have an initial understanding of this game. You can go to Monster MMORPG and register to start your game today!

Pokemon MMORPG – Choosing Your Starter

As soon as you register, you will be provided with 13 options for your starter monster. Other than Pokemon MMORPG game, its really alternative to start working with Monster game. Let us help you to choose!

  • There is a base stat of 300 for the starter monster, whereas as they have their own advantages and disadvantages.
  • Each monster will grow gradually at 25th level and again at 50th level.
  • Most popular monster is Larvitle; you can go ahead with him if you want the most popular option.
  • Pokemon MMO is one of my favorite games in RPG (Role playing games).

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Staring Your Journey

To get to know where you are in the region and also get some basic information at any time, you just need to click on the map button; it is present on the extreme left of the bottom options row, underneath the game-play screen. Once you click on map, you will find that your journey has begun in Central Plains region, populated by monsters at level 5. You can catch the monster by walking through grass in Central Plains; you can catch up to 8 different monsters. So get started! As you place in your team for 6 monsters and keep in mind it’s always better to have a backup monster, you will start liking it as soon as you collect monsters and it’s a fun game to collect monsters. Pokemon MMORPG is one of the best options that we need to check out.

Online Pokemon MMORPG

Pokemon MMO vs Monster MMORPG

Hold on! Which monster would you like to be in your team? Just roll back to the map page to find the list of monsters. There are monsters like regular, emissary, legendary superior, and zenith, which are known as monster classes. Superior monsters and better than regular monsters and also starters have their own class; emissary monster is better than those superior. Not sure, what you have to pick among Pokemon MMORPG or Monster, then I hope this article is going to answer your questions.

So, to make your team worthy in Central Plains, Ruffial monster is the one and only superior monster available. If your starter monster is not a ghost or fire, then definitely it’s a nice addition to your team. Suppose if you think Ruffial isn’t a solid addition then you need not worry as there are plenty of monsters, as you are only in first zone. Pokemon RPG is yet another game that you need to look after.

Catching a Monster

So you have started your journey and your first monster has run across. You might have thought he or she would be good for your team or maybe you may want to have one in your team. How would you do it using Pokemon RPG?

Select “battle” option initially and attack the monster unless he is weakened. Pokemon MMO never looks back and Pokemon RPG is yet another option for you to compare.

The next step is you need to use a MonsterBox. Most of them start with ten monster boxes for their journey. You can select this option by choosing from drop-down.

Bravo! You have captured another monster! You are towards your destiny to be top on the ranks in MonsterM.

Hope you enjoyed reading our article on comparing Pokemon MMORPG and Monster MMORPG information.

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