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Pokemon, or Pocket Monsters, is a franchise that started as an anime (Japanese cartoon) and developed into a massive craze of video games, card games, and other merchandise based off of the show. The basic premise is that there is a world where monsters called Pokemon Mmorpg can be captured using devices called pokeballs. They are then kept by a pokemon trainer who uses them to fight other trainer’s pokemon, or to weaken wild pokemon so that they can be captured. While the pokemon cards were once the biggest craze, it is now the video games that seem to play the largest part in a pokemon fan’s world. The games started with cartridges for the Nintendo Game boy, these were RPG (role playing game) style games, where the player would play the role of a pokemon trainer and go on a quest to become the pokemon master and catch all 150 pokemon, much like what Ash Ketchem, the star of the anime, was striving to do at the time. During this article we’ll look at some of the different pokemon games, and how they branched off into different categories and evolved over time.

pikachu-pokemonAfter the first release of the original Nintendo Game Boy games, there was what is called, the second generation. This was a new wave of Pokemon MMO monsters that were added to the original 150 pokemon, most likely spawned from the success of the first generation games and anime. The games that included the second generation were Pokemon Silver, Pokemon Gold, and Pokemon Crystal. The differences between Silver and Gold were subtle such as certain pokemon would be in one version or another, and Crystal actually came after the release of these two, exclusive for the Game Boy Color, and included the advantages of owning both Gold version and Silver version. What was interesting and unique about the Game Boy Pokemon games was that since there was a difference between versions, players could actually hook up their Game Boy to a friend’s Game Boy and trade Pokemon with them, making it so that you could not reach the maximum number of Pokemon collected (which is one of the main objectives of each game) unless you traded Pokemon with a friend. This was a genius move on the game maker’s part for two reasons. The first is that it made the games similar to the card game, which had a huge fan base, since a big part of collecting Pokemon cards is trading with others. The second is that this had never been successfully implemented before in a video game, and added a new meaning to experiencing a game with others; it wasn’t exactly cooperative play, and it wasn’t exactly competitive play.

The rest of the generations of Pokemon, there are up to six now, all add new Pokemon Mmorpg monsters and release games for Game Boy Advance, and then for Nintendo DS, another handheld system. They released games with similar styles as the Silver and Gold versions, and even remake the original Game Boy Pokemon games. It has been a set tradition now that with every release of a handheld Nintendo system, there will also be a release of this style of Pokemon role playing games.

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