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There have been a numerous amounts of other Pokemon Mmorpg games besides the main line for handheld Nintendo systems that differ from the classic style of Pokemon RPG, these are usually either action games or a different type of role playing. One of the first games that differed in style was the Pokemon Stadium game that was released for the Nintendo 64, or N64. This maintained the feel of being a Pokemon trainer, as the player chose what commands to give his or her Pokemon, but differed first of all, that it was on a console, and differed also in that it was purely based on battle strategy of choosing moves rather than the exploration that had been seen in Pokemon games before. Another game to mention would be Pokemon Snap, also released for the N64. This game didn’t include any battle mechanics, and the premise of it was basically a character going on a safari, and the player needs to “snap” pictures of Pokemon. A very important game to mention also is the original Pokemon Trading Card Game, which was a first generation game for the original Game Boy. It was a game that was basically played to emulate the actual Pokemon Mmorpg card game, and has inspired many Pokemon games that came after. You can check out our previous articles on Play Pokemon MMORPG Online


Being that the franchise is so huge, there was also Pokemon Mmorpg video games released that seemed to be purely aimed towards the fans, and not necessarily aimed at making something as unique as some of the earlier games. This isn’t to downplay these games, as some of them are really fun, but in order to enjoy them you most likely have to be a fan. This includes the game, Hey You, Pikachu! For the N64. This was a game that was based on the interaction of the player speaking into a mic and the character on the screen reacting to what they say. This format doesn’t work for many games; in fact, it’s hard to find any other game than Hey You, Pikachu! That is enjoyable, simply because speaking to an Al in a game is often glitchy and not as easy as pressing a button, but this game was a blast for many because Pikachu is a Pokemon Mmorpg that is so loved by its fans, that any interaction with it is a great time. Other Pikachu games arose, and there was even a version of the handheld games, Yellow Version, in which the player’s main Pokemon, was Pikachu, and instead of keeping it in a Pokeballs it would follow the character around on the screen.

Recently there has been an even larger surge of the diversity of Pokemon games, many in which you play as a Pokemon. The biggest recent landmark for the Pokemon video game franchise is a new release of the card game, which is technically a Pokemon MMORPG or massive multi-player online role playing game, meaning there is an entire community of players online that you can play the Pokemon card-game with. This has been done before with the Magic the Gathering card game and was a huge success. There have been many interesting developments with the Pokemon franchise; hopefully the 7th generation is as exciting as the last 6.

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