Taking a Virtual Tour of Pokemon MMORPG!

Pokemon is a very extensively loved and interesting game played all over the world. Not just for the kids of today but teenagers and adults also enjoy these games in every corner of the world. Lots of different types of Pokemon games have been free till now to play on the DS, but the online […]

Have Fun With The Pokemon Mmorpg Games

Tired of playing alone? Join the world of Pokemon Mmorpg and you will have comrades all over the world fighting with as well as against you in this ultimate battle! The interactive game re-unites millions and millions of serious Pokemon fans all over the world as they work in teams to achieve their goals. What’s […]

Pokemon Mmorpg: Virtual overtaking the Real

Whoa! What is MMorpg? This is an action packed ride and you better be on your toes all the time! We are in the world of Mmorpg or Massive Multimedia Online Role Playing Games and none does it better than Pokemon MMorpg. Yes, there are loads of multiplayer games all over internet but the success […]

Pokemon MMO corner