Pokemon MMORPG and How the Game Gave Birth to a Religious Order

In this article, we are going to check information about Pokemon mmorpg and how this game gave birth for religious order. It certainly became a sensation all over the internet when during an online experiment people collectively decided the outcome of the classic Nintendo game, Pokemon. The outcome stated that the game spawned two religions- the numerous sects and Pokemon prophets.

The game’s premise is quite simple. With the help of Pokemon Red game version, this has been hacked to let the robot control the movement of the character. The maker of the hacked version then lets the viewers and followers to enter these commands, which can efficiently control the movement of the character such as press ‘left’ to turn the character left.

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As the existence of Pokemon MMORPG spread through the social media and like many other online latest sensations through Reddit, the hivemind of the game came to the level where the movements of the character were quite impossible to guess as the whole robot program tried to work through thousands of input almost every minute.

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When the game was very difficult to operate, the maker of the game concluded that in order to retain some control, there is a need for democratic decision very often, which can switch the process of decision making from democratic, where the movement of the character is determined on a majority of inputs and that makes the game free for all where every minute decision is held responsible for it.

However, the most exciting aspect of the complete Pokemon gaming series on twitch experience is that over a week, all major events that occurred in the game has been tabulated and it can be compared only to a religious order.

As per the religious order, one dedicated believer, on the fifth day of the history of the game, the great Schism, which happened post the community wished to develop their Pokemon in two separate ways, giving birth to the ‘Laprasians’ and the ‘Eveeists’.
This later was preceded by the birth of ‘false prophet’ Flareon, Bird Jesus, the real prophet and also the battle with the Giovanni and the several cults that emerged as a result.

And when all these things came out on internet, several memes came into picture displaying few major themes present in the game.
The development of Pokemon is widely influenced by Helix Fossil, which is the holy relic of the Universe and this turned out to be a major symbol of the game throughout several memes.

The game recently got a few updates to make the whole gaming experience much better and a few of them are listed below

  1. The icon of the staff now displays in their respective names.
  2. Several bugs have been fixed so as not to crash the client.
  3. The players can now jump over the ledges in the right way.
  4. The members would have fancy stars right next to their names.
  5. The passwords are now encrypted and saved in PWO.

Hope you enjoyed reading our article on Pokemon MMORPG information.

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