How to Play Pokemon MMORPG? A Quick Tutorial

In our previous articles, we’ve been dealing a lot with Pokemon MMORPG and Pokemon MMO gaming information and I hope you guys are enjoying reading our latest series of information about Pokemon RPG. While playing Pokemon MMORPG, on the main map screen, you will able to see the characters of both yours and other players as it’s the overworld sprites present in the same area.

You can move upward to enter the building; actually there are total 3 different types of buildings.

Out of 3 buildings, the first type is the Monster Center, which is the place where you can change your monsters for the team and heal your team as well. I’m referring Pokemon MMORPG to Monster MMORPG in this article.

The second type is the shop, which helps you to buy and sell items and also gives an option to sell, trade, and buy monsters.

Pokemon MMORPG

Pokemon MMORPG Details – Not to Miss.

There comes a third type, a Monster Arena; here you can obtain badges of Pokemon MMORPG and Tablets known as Mythical tablets. This helps in teaching new moves to monsters that you have.

In order to get wild monsters, you need to walk through the tall grass areas on each side of the map. As the zone changes, the grass appearance also will change accordingly. More pokemons can be found walking through grass areas.

If you hover the mouse on the sprite of another player, you will be presented with a menu. This gives you two choices: you can view the player’s profile or challenge him/her.

Pokemon MMORPG has a navigation system, which is advanced as well as easy to use.

On the map screen you are given several movement options.

You can use arrow keys or w/a/s/d keys to move north, south, east or west. These can be held for continuous movement.

On the right side of the screen, you can see navigation arrows to move. Multi-step feature is also available to obtain; simply enter a number to move in the center box.

While you cross through the tall grass, you will find wild monsters; these pokemons’ ID, picture, level, and name will appear on the upper right.

Each monster is very important in terms of its properties to achieve the battlers, like values of IV, nature of the monster, and abilities that are inherited. These are provided when you make a move towards the battler and can be viewed through the battle window. These are similar to Pokemon’s UV system of value, but more advanced.

There are only 2 choices when you encounter a wild monster: either battle it or run away. To make a great escape successfully, there should be at least one monster that should be faster than the wild monster in your team. You cannot escape all the battles; sometimes you just need to fight. So what else are your searching for Pokemon MMORPG information other than this.

Once you hover your mouse’s cursor on the wild monster’s image, you will be able to see base stats, monster’s class, and type(s).

At the lower right corner of the battle window, you can see a blue Monster Dex icon; clicking on it will open the wild monster’s entry in Monster Dex. Monster Dex is an information hub of the wild monster, which includes default abilities, type effectiveness, monster’s artist, ability pool, and so on. Hope you enjoyed our article on Pokemon MMORPG and we’ll be coming up with even more information about Pokemon MMORPG, stay tuned.

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