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Tired of playing alone? Join the world of Pokemon Mmorpg and you will have comrades all over the world fighting with as well as against you in this ultimate battle! The interactive game re-unites millions and millions of serious Pokemon fans all over the world as they work in teams to achieve their goals. What’s more! Amidst the wide range of characters that are available to choose from, you also have the option to customize your favorite ones. Too much to choose formal’s a booming industry and there are loads of games available in this genre. Some of the most popular ones are Pokemon Helios, Pokemon Elites, Pokemon Mmorpg World Online, Pokemon.eu, Pokemon Infinity and Pokemon Craft. If you are new to the whole experience, you can even try Poke MMO. You can read our previous articles Pokemon MMORPG and How the Game Gave Birth to a Religious Order

Pokémon_-_Team_Turbo_CoverartAll these games enjoy a huge fan base and this is just the beginning. The competition is tough and survival even tougher. What may also be very appealing to a lot of garners is the unpredictability of these games. You never know what’s coming next in your way and that thrill keeps you going. The best part is that the characters undergo a constant evolution throughout the game. This means that even if, at a given moment, you are offline or unavailable, your gaming character will not sit idle or inert. It’s a real challenge to keep up with the pace of the game as the characters continue to interact and grow with each-other. It’s a world in itself, albeit virtual, and it throws new tasks and adventures everyday at the players. What’s also adding on to the games’ popularity is that they are available in a wide range of formats. They are, usually, free and easy to download or they can be played online. You can have them on your PC, Mac or even Smartphone. The game interface is quite interesting too and some brands also offer it in a 3-0 format!

232455-headerIt’s serious. While the cartoon, in itself, was a huge hit, the developers are leaving no stone unturned to make the game a landmark in the history of Mmorpg! And looking at the results, they have managed to achieve their goal with a bang! There are whole websites and even pages on Facebook and Twitter dedicated to Pokemon Mmorpg. No kidding here: it has, indeed, become a mega-industry and how! The stakes are high and the profits higher. (Well, figuratively too as you are immediately rewarded upon the completion of the task in hand!)And practically everyone is out there to make the most of it. The Mmorpg industry has been taken by a storm with this innovation and the trend doesn’t seem to be dying anytime soon. Millions of fans join in the action everyday and the community just continues to get stronger.

Shall I? We say, go ahead! Indulge yourself a bit. Whether you are a Pokemon Mmorpg fan or not, this genre does really deserve a try. Even if you have never really watched the cartoon and are absolutely new to this world, it won’t take you a lot of time to get addicted to it once you join the action, who knows you may find yourself recommending it to the next ten people you meet!

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