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A Rendezvous with the Student who Made the First-Ever Pokémon MMORPG

Pokémon online is a fan-made free-to-play Pokémon MMORPG. This project is handled by a huge team. Pokémon online is planning to get more and more features added to the traditional Pokémon game like Pokémon MMORPG. This is one of the highly played games in the eastern Asia. There will be some curiosity for gamers to […]

Beginner’s Guide to Pokémon X and Y- Know All About It

Pokémon X and Y are the roles played in video games. Pokémon is one of the most addictive games, which a gamer comes across. These games were very famous in East Asia, but are now played across the world. Some of them have no idea about how to play or what Pokémon games are. Here’s […]

The New Pokemon MMORPG Avatar

The new avatar of Pokemon MMORPG series has incarnated into a powerful action pack to thrill the game lovers. Indeed, it has brought a breakthrough in Pokemon MMO generation. Lets us have a glance into the history and try to debunk the thought that Pokemon MMORPG has become unique in its segment automatically; rather we […]

A Quick Tour of the Amazing Pokemon MMORPG

Pokemon is one of the fascinating and widely loved online games played globally. It is not only limited to the kids, but also played by teenagers and adults. The vast array of Pokemon games is released to be compatible with Wii, Gameboy and DS. The only unique selling point of the game is that it’s […]

Taking a Virtual Tour of Pokemon MMORPG!

Pokemon is a very extensively loved and interesting game played all over the world. Not just for the kids of today but teenagers and adults also enjoy these games in every corner of the world. Lots of different types of Pokemon games have been free till now to play on the DS, but the online […]

How to Play Pokemon MMORPG? A Quick Tutorial

In our previous articles, we’ve been dealing a lot with Pokemon MMORPG and Pokemon MMO gaming information and I hope you guys are enjoying reading our latest series of information about Pokemon RPG. While playing Pokemon MMORPG, on the main map screen, you will able to see the characters of both yours and other players […]

Ultimate Guide to Pokemon MMORPG [Monster]

Pokemon MMORPG is a game, inspired from the “Gotta catch ’em all!” Most of you know about the Pokemon game series. MMORPG monster has plenty of monsters to train, catch and fight or battle. The game seems to be written by a person who is proficient in English. It is an image based game. Pokemon […]

Games that come closest to Pokemon MMORPG

If you searching for some of the Online Pokemon MMORPG related games, then you are at the right place. Generally, whenever developers make announcements about a loved game being made into a MMORPG/MMO/MOBA, the initial response of the public would not be very enthusiastic. But the response would be quite the opposite for Pokemon. People […]

Pokemon MMORPG and How the Game Gave Birth to a Religious Order

In this article, we are going to check information about Pokemon mmorpg and how this game gave birth for religious order. It certainly became a sensation all over the internet when during an online experiment people collectively decided the outcome of the classic Nintendo game, Pokemon. The outcome stated that the game spawned two religions- the […]

Pokemon MMORPG – Things to know

Pokemon MMORPG is one of the fascinating games that most of the gaming lovers will love to have their hands on. Gaming lovers who always prefer to interact in massive multiplayer online RPGs have every reason to be cheering up now, because you are going to enjoy playing Pokemon MMORPG. Most of you might not be aware of […]

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