Beginner’s Guide to Pokémon X and Y- Know All About It

Pokémon X and Y are the roles played in video games. Pokémon is one of the most addictive games, which a gamer comes across. These games were very famous in East Asia, but are now played across the world. Some of them have no idea about how to play or what Pokémon games are. Here’s what actually Pokémon game is and how it should be played.

Before getting into the details, we’ll first get to know what Pokémon is. They are the creatures that are present in all shapes and sizes having different names; the main thing is that it requires a trainer to teach something to it.

Coming to the part of playing, a beginner should start with a Pokémon, which should be given by your friend. Then, while travelling from one place to the other, you may find different wild Pokémons. Commonly, some Pokémons are found in the tall grasses, and some in places like water; the major thing is that only the wild Pokémon’s can be captured. If the Pokémon has a trainer, then it can’t be captured; if we catch a Pokémon, which is having a trainer, then the trainer will block your poke ball such that you can’t play further.

Pokémon X and Y

When you encounter a Pokémon, you will be sent to the battle with it. To catch the Pokémon easily, you need to weaken it by decreasing its HP and cause some conditions like Status Condition like sleep or paralysis. Once you think it’sready to be captured, throw the poke ball at it. There are many balls with different rates of capturing a Pokémon. If the Pokémon breaks the poke ball then you must weaken it more by lowering its HP before throwing the poke ball again. Once you capture the Pokémon, the current Pokémon you are having gets a good experience.

Pokémon X and Y continue the tradition of using the handheld internal clock to alter the atmosphere in the Pokémon world. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any season like in the past generation, and the days of the week play a lesser role in game events than previously.

This is a perfect guide for the beginners of Pokémon X and Y games.


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